New Typhoon8 Dragonfly 2 paddle July 23 2015

Proudly presents the new Typhoon8 Dragonfly 2 paddle. The official paddle of the Australian National Teams in Welland, Canada next month. New ergo shaft provides superior stiffness and comfort, reinforced chip resistance tip, slight concavity provides better bite to the water, dihedral blade shape increases stability on the power phase. They will go on sale for public as soon as we complete the needed Australian orders.

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The Auroras Paddle June 22 2015

Typhoon8 in collaboration with AusDBF has developed a special edition paddle, the Dragonfly II for the Australian Team, The Auroras, to best equip them for their campaign at the World Championships in Canada in August 2015.

The Dragonfly II retains the same superior quality of lightweight, robustness and rigidity as it’s predecessor, but has a revised blade profile of the Hammerhead with the maximum concavity allowable by the IDBF specifications.

Manufactured with top quality carbon composite material with uni-directional fibre it achieves the ultimate stiffness for a competition paddle. The new improved low profile blade construction enables a sharp bite on entry and clean exit upon recovery. The razor sharp tip outline produces a positive stroke action maximising efficiency on paddle performance.

The Dragonfly II also has a revised revolutionary shaft with a pronounced ergonomic oval shape to offer a more comfortable and firm grip to drive the blade effortlessly in the water. It comes with a new handle that retains the firm feature of the traditional T grip but with a gentle curve for better comfort in the hand.

With it’s distinctive Aussie design and matching colours to the Auroras uniforms, this is the perfect paddle that would give the Aussie Team the most proficient equipment with a winning edge for it’s campaign.

The paddle will be supplied with a new version of the Typhoon8 standard bag AB3 with an adjustable shaft compartment making it a perfect fit for all paddle sizes. It also comes with a mini dry bag for your keys and valuables all in a neat elegant package.